Chinese community leader accused of foreign interference allegedly saw Alan Tudge as future PM | Australian politics

A Chinese community leader accused of planning foreign interference allegedly singled out former minister Alan Tudge because he believed he would one day be prime minister.

Prosecutors allege Di Sanh Duong, who uses the name Sunny, made a $37,000 donation to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2020 as a way to gain influence over the Australian government through Tudge.

Duong spoke to the then-citizenship minister in May 2020, with Tudge later joining the 67-year-old to hand over the donation cheque to the hospital.

Duong told an associate on 30 April 2020, he would meet with Tudge because he was a man who would be prime minister in the future, according to an intercepted phone call read to the court during his committal hearing.

Duong was “well acquainted” with Tudge and the minister…

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